alfa Media CreateXMany publishers and media houses are already outsourcing their typesetting work to external typesetters; with alfa CreateX, we at alfa Media present a new connecting link that is specifically tailored to our alfa modules and the exchange with your typesetter. alfa CreateX thus serves the publisher as well as the typesetter as a tool, professional medium and mediator for the work on the product and exchange with each other.

With alfa CreateX, we guarantee a seamless integration of typesetters into the processes of your publishing house – both digital and print, of course – and offer transparency throughout the entire process with minimal infrastructure effort. alfa CreateX can be hosted either directly in the alfa Media data center or directly on your premises; the data sovereignty remains with you in any case. This also makes it very easy to change a typesetting service provider.

Designed as a browser application, alfa CreateX is always and everywhere accessible, the installation effort is eliminated and thus creates maximum flexibility in the processing of orders. The creation and assignment of orders for your typesetter takes place in alfa AdSuite, while the typesetter himself only has to log on to alfa CreateX. From there it is also possible that the typesetter can assign tasks within his team.

By organizing in digital folders, all content can be stored on the publishing database in a format-neutral manner. Whether image, video or text file, in our folders everything is in place to accommodate binary digital information in a structured way. Thus, the accompanying information of the order may remain available for later orders or further use because it is stored centrally in the database and all systems can access it. The finished ad, or the print-ready PDF, is attached directly to the motif to ensure an uncomplicated workflow at all times.

In order to do justice to the diverse billing models in the industry, alfa CreateX can generate reports that collect and bundle all relevant data so that any billing modality can be handled easily.

alfa CreateX is optimally integrated into the alfa Media product family. In addition, it is possible to embed alfa Stylo: an easy-to-understand tool for ad creation and editing. For example, the WYSIWYG editor can be used to quickly create classifieds or professionally designed ads. An InDesign connection for alfa CreateX is also available, of course.