CanvassWorks, designed specifically for publishing is a complete customer relationship and campaign management system integrating seamlessly with the SalesWorks advert booking system to give users the ultimate electronic sales workspace. The products combined ensure that relevant, timely information is at hand to help understand and strengthen your customer relationships. With its intuitive operation and organised desktop, this system provides an essential tool for today’s publishing business needs.

Developed by our own team using the latest development tools CanvassWorks has a well-designed GUI, it offers flexible navigation through the abundance of information available about your customers. The intuitive hyperlinks mean navigation through the various forms to view related information is easyand follows a logical sequence. The desktop can be personalised to the user with users belonging to one or more teams and record cards belonging to the user, team or department. All information contained within drop down lists and check boxes are definable by the system administrator allowing you to customise and maintain the options independently without changes to the core software.